The Philly Steak®
For preparing more than one serving at a time, take each frozen steak and break into about seven pieces. Place pieces in lightly greased frying pan at a medium-high heat (about 350° F). While cooking, continue to turn and stir until pieces turn a golden brown. Do not overcook.

To prepare in a traditional manner, do not break steaks into pieces. Cook until they begin to brown through (about 45 seconds). Turn over with a spatula and cook another 15 seconds. Do not overcook.

The Philly Patty®
Skillet: Place frozen patties in uncovered non-stick or greased skillet and fry on medium setting for 9 minutes on each side (18 minutes total).*

Oven broiler: Preheat broiler for 4 minutes. Place frozen patties on broiler rack or pan and broil for 6 minutes on each side (12 minutes total).*

Grill: Cook frozen patties on grill approximately 1-1/2” to 2” over hot coals or on a gas grill set to about 325° F. Grill for approximately 9 minutes on each side (18 minutes total).*

Caution: Frozen foods can cause spattering when added to a hot pan. Add the product carefully.

*Cooking times are approximate. Always cook patties to a minimum internal temperature of 160° F. We recommend that you do not press the patties while they are cooking in order to retain the natural juices that enhance their flavor.

Shelf Life

Q How long can I keep The Philly Steak® and The Philly Patty®?

A Our products can be kept in your freezer until the “use by” date on the package. To maintain the best quality, store in a freezer bag after opening.


Q Do I need to thaw your products before cooking?

A No. You should keep the frozen steaks and patties in your freezer and immediately cook them as directed on the package. Our products should always be stored in your freezer.


Q Can I use a microwave to cook The Philly Steak® or The Philly Patty®?

A No. Our steaks and patties should be cooked as directed on the package.

Health FAQ


Q Are your products processed on a line that contains any allergens such as dairy, eggs, wheat, barley, peanuts, tree nuts, mustard, peas, soy or garlic?

A Our sandwich steaks are not processed on a line where any of these allergens are used, and no nuts are processed anywhere in our plant. The Philly Patty® contains soy.


Q Are there any casein ingredients in your products?

A No, we do not use casein as an ingredient.


Q Are there vegetable-based or animal-based enzymes in your products?

A Our products contain only naturally occurring meat enzymes (animal based).

Wheat and Gluten

Q Are there any wheat-based ingredients or gluten used in your products?

A No, there are no wheat-based ingredients used in our products.


Q Do your products contain MSG?

A No, there is no MSG.


Q Do your products contain wheat, oats, barley or modified food starch like wheat starch, potato starch or others?

A The Philly Steak® and The Philly Patty® do not contain starch.


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